PUblic involvement

PUblic information Meeting

A public information meeting will be held on Thursday, July 29th from 5:30 to 7:00 EDT at the South Harrison Community Center at 5101 Main St. SE, Elizabeth, Indiana. Below are various documents related to the meeting presentation and display tables, as well as the meeting handout and project comment form.

Community Advisory Committee

A Community Advisory Committee (CAC) has been formed to serve as a conduit for the dissemination of project information, to gather key local information, and to assist with the decision-making process. CAC meetings will be held at three key milestones: project kickoff; pre-hearing; and pre-Stage 2 design. Committee members will consist of key stakeholders representing the following groups and organizations.

Kitchen Table Meetings

As preliminary design progresses and work on preliminary alternatives allows sufficient understanding of potential routes, individual property owner meetings will be scheduled. The meetings will be held at property owner homes unless they prefer another option. Meetings will be used to share information on the project development process and schedule, while also affording an opportunity to learn more about the properties that may be affected. The meetings will establish a direct point of contact with the project team that will remain throughout the delivery of the project. Meetings can be held virtually if desired.

PUblic Hearings

A public hearing will be held during the environmental studies process which will afford the opportunity for the public to provide formal comments on the project. The hearing will be conducted according to INDOT/FHWA guidelines. It will include an open house element, stations for communications with project team members, a formal presentation, and the formal hearing component. A virtual option will be available to the public.